Get cover for your cropsInsurance against various perils gives you peace of mind.
      corporate crop insurance

      What is Crop Insurance?

      Crop Insurance covers farm crops against various perils such as losses due to adverse weather conditions caused by a hail storm, fire, drought, excessive rainfall, frost damage, flooding, and lightning. In addition, we give cover to farm assets and equipment including harvested crop, greenhouse, and irrigation facilities.
      What's in it for you?
      • Insured farms have greater access to agriculture credit since a crop policy document is accepted by financing institutions as an alternative form of security.
      • Insurance cushions farmers against losses by acting as a fall back in the event of a bad crop season.
      • Crop insurance is a financial innovation that stimulates investments in the agriculture sector through increased access to funding and motivation to all stakeholders.
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      How does it work?The basis of the cover is that the sum insured is based on the value of inputs or pre-agreed market value of the harvested crops.

      The two policies available under crop insurance are:

      • Multi-Peril Policy which covers the crop against various perils except those specifically excluded.
      • Index-Based Policy is a microinsurance product that covers crops against identified weather perils that can be measured using a computerized weather station.
        How do I apply?Below is our step by step application process:
        • Request for a quotation
        • Download and fill the proposal form
        • Submit identification documents (Driving license, National ID, Passport, and TIN certificate)
        • Premium payment
        • Sign contract
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        TALK TO USInsure your crop against drought, fire, hail, frost and other perils.
        Want to know more about Crop Insurance?If you want to know more we've answered questions you might have.
          • All crop losses as a result of non-insured perils
          • Deterioration of crop and product quality due to interruption of work or any process accidents
          • Consequential loss due to delay in harvesting, detention or confiscation of produce or equipment
          • Error in pesticide application and failure to adhere to recommendations on application procedures.
          • Theft, mysterious disappearances, and unaccountable losses
          • Yield shortfall and downgrading. Payment of all claims is due at the end of a crop season, however, in case of total loss necessitating replanting, payment is made to facilitate replanting.
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