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      corporate property insurance

      What is Property Insurance?

      We provide insurance covers to protect properties against various risks. It covers a dwelling house and its contents against fire and other specified perils, contents against theft following a break-in, portable items against all risks. Below are the categories of this cover:

      Plate Glass
      All Risk
      Political Violence, Sabotage, and Terrorism
      Fire and Allied Perils
      How do I apply?Below is our step by step application process:
      • Request for a quotation
      • Download and fill the proposal form
      • Submit identification documents (Driving license, National ID, Passport, and TIN certificate)
      • Premium payment
      • Sign contract
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      Download our proposal formsBelow is our application forms for Property Insurance products:

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          Explore our Property Insurance productsTake a look at the wide range of cover options available to you.

          This is an insurance policy that provides cover against theft of insured property by any person or persons using violent and forcible means of entry into or exit from the premises where such property is kept, without permission from the owner, person, or persons to whom such property is legally entrusted or keeping on behalf. This section extends to cover the insured against losses occurring without forcible or violent entry or exit from insured premises.

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          This section covers accidental loss or damage to plate glass up to the insurance value. Cover can be arranged for cabinet glass, display glass, signs and neon’s, fixed glass, and glass partitions on the premises.

          glass building

          Provides cover against accidental physical loss or damage to specified items as a result of any cause which is not specifically excluded from the policy. This includes theft, fire, and accidental damage including riot and strike. It is important that the insured list the items covered and their respective values/sum insured.

          glass property

          This policy indemnifies the insured for its ascertained net Loss for any one occurrence up to but not exceeding the policy limit against physical loss or physical damage to the buildings and contents which belong to the Insured or for which the Insured is legally responsible, directly caused by one or more of the following perils occurring during the policy period: acts of terrorism, sabotage, riots, strikes and/or civil commotion, malicious damage, insurrection, revolution or rebellion, mutiny and/or Coup d’états.

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          This product provides cover which responds to loss or damage to property caused by fire, lightning, and explosion and is extended to include riots, strikes, malicious damages, storms, earthquakes, floods, and water damages due to bursting or overflowing water tanks apparatus and pipes. Property covered includes: buildings, furniture, fixtures and fittings, plant and machinery, stock, etc. Below are the categories of this cover:

          • Fire and Allied Perils
          • Fire Industrial
          • Fire - Loss of Profits

          To learn more about Fire Insurance and its benefits, please click here.

          fire extinguishers
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