Cover against non-paymentsIf a debtor can no longer pay their part, we as your insurer will pay you up.
      corporate trade insurance

      What is Trade Credit?

      Trade Credit Insurance provides cover against non-payment of business-to-business trade-related debts. This ensures that your business is not adversely affected by the unforeseen failure of non-payment by one or more of your customers. We provide cover countrywide for domestic transactions and any global export transactions. Another benefit of our policy is that you get affordable solutions for pursuing and getting the payments owed to your business by your debtors.
      What's in it for you?
      • Business grows as there's an increase in sales because you can now offer your customers and prospects better credit terms.
      • You can expand your business and explore new foreign markets as we offer advice about foreign markets and protection against unique export risks.
      • Your business can maintain its cash flow as we compensate for non-payment by the debtors.
      • Banks and other financiers will offer loans to your business at better terms when you have a Trade Credit cover.
      • Your business is protected from the risk of going bankrupt due to clients' inability to pay or them defaulting on payments
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      How does it work?Different types of Trade Credit Insurance:
      • Standard Domestic Cover - This policy is suitable for businesses that trade locally. Standard Domestic Cover insures payments for sales made on credit from the date of delivery
      • Standard Export Cover - This policy is suitable for exporters who are not paid up-front when shipping goods.
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        How do I apply?Below is our step by step application process:
        • Request for a quotation
        • Download and fill proposal form
        • Submit identification documents (Driving license, National ID, Passport, and TIN certificate)
        • Premium payment
        • Sign contract
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        TALK TO USĀ In the case of a breach of a contract, we will cover the costs.
        Want to know more about Trade Credit Insurance?If you want to know more, we answered a question you might have.
          • Insure business to business Trade Credit transactions against non-payment.
          • Only insure goods sold & delivered or services rendered.
          • Payment terms no longer than 180 days.
          • We do not insure financial guarantees.
          • UAP also insures any export transactions globally.
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